Arianna's Story
Out Of The Box

Elephant Parade took place in Mumbai, India, in March 2018 as a public art event to generate vital funds to secure 101 elephant corridors across India for the endangered Asian elephant. 101 artists, designers and architects were invited to participate towards a planned preview event in Jaipur at the Albert Museum in Jaipur. Launched finally at the Gateway of India, Mumbai, Arianna was conceived to visually interpret the ancient Indian parable “ The Blind Men and the Elephant “ all over the elephant in the story telling style of John Godfrey Saxe, the poet and the artist Ayesha Broacha. Each section of the baby elephant told individual stories, misunderstood by the blind men, which became a 3 dimensional representation of a reality, where an individual truth may be partially true but not the ultimate truth.

Artist | Ayesha Broacha