A multi-layered terrace on Malabar Hill, with uninterrupted views overlooking the city of Mumbai as well as the Arabian Sea needed re-imagining. The space was transformed with outdoor lounge seating to enjoy the views, a bar, a dining area, and an outdoor home theatre for watching movies under the stars. The chance discovery of a set of antique wooden louvres from VT Station became a focal point. These wave-like pieces were repurposed with lights and wrapped around all the 4 terraces, emitting a glow that is both warm and inviting. A rich mood board of outdoor furniture by Ethimo, coordinated dining chairs and tables inlaid with ceramic tiles, a free-standing bar with flowering bougainvillea in large urns, an outdoor artwork of a large feast with candlestands both painted and actual, add to the warmth. A bright orange retractable awning brings a pop of colour to the palette, and together with the easy breezy bar stools, bring vibrance and energy to the space.

Architect | Kavita Veerkar ARTIST | Girijesh Jaiswar and team