In a series of meeting rooms in the basement at RPG, one room was dedicated to displaying personally autographed memorabilia collected over the years of sports legends from various fields - Sachin Tendulkar’s bat, Muhammed Ali’s boxing gloves, John McEnroe’s tennis racket, Sania Nehwal’s badminton racquet and T-shirt, and Pele’s football. The memorabilia was carefully curated and researched to find relevant facts and photos that would make each frame layout interesting. Along with the memorabilia there is a whimsical play of actual sports equipment ranging from cricket to badminton, to tennis and even table tennis, all arranged on the walls in graphic patterns. Suspended cricket balls arch across the room over the projector from a painted batsman with a real bat!

That's our new conference room ! Cool. Sporting. Fun. Arty. Harsh Goenka #RPG #FunAtWork

Architect | Shilpa Patankar INSTALLATION ARTIST | Krishna Kedar