Architect Nozer Wadia approached me to help restore and curate the space for a corporate headquarters and residential space in a heritage building in South Mumbai. The sloping tiled roofs were partially replaced with glass, creating a conservatory living room with an abundance of plants and flowers and allowing the surrounding heritage buildings to be visible. I used small machine parts, big exhaust pipes, as well as front grills sourced from the corporateā€™s factory to create dramatic bespoke black and white wallpaper in the lobbies. A chandelier for the boardroom has been crafted out of the front grill of the first Willy jeep. For sound insulation, a tapestry was commissioned, designed by the students and woven by the textile department of the National Institute of Design. A selection of antique furniture and small vintage objects complete the refined ambience.

Architect | Nozer Wadia INSTALLATION ARTIST | Shahrukh Irani @sergioghetti