More than 25 years ago, inspired by the relaxed aesthetic of houses in Mykonos, Greece, and the simple stone structures of village homes in Udaipur. 'My Mykonos' was built three hours outside Bombay, a short walk away from the beach. It was created to be a serene home in a calming blue and white colour scheme and a Mediterranean styled aesthetic. The house is built on different levels, echoing the paddy fields that were originally there and constructed only one room deep. All the rooms and spaces have a feeling of the outdoors moving in. The bathrooms are all open to the sky, the floors are in Shahabad stone, both inside and outside. The ceilings have wooden rafters and the water is drawn from a natural well. The home has been an inspiration to many artists, photographers, writers, designers and architects. Its aesthetic and design informed the look and feel of the well known Olive restaurants as well as many other homes.

Architect | Nozer Wadia