As the name suggests, this home has a sweeping panoramic view of the iconic queen’s necklace that decorates South Mumbai. Sitting on the edge of Malabar Hill, on the ground floor of a curved Art Deco building, the predominantly white ribbed walls of the rooms echo the unusual sinuous exterior of the building. The home is an amalgamation of commissioned artworks, natural light and fresh greenery, a haven of comfort and wellbeing. Custom designed carpets, decorative lights, accessories and furniture create a harmonious riot of colour and bring warmth and life to every nook and corner of the home. The unique center table in the living room is created from a large piece of driftwood of a giant tree found in the Andaman Islands. It acts as a planter in some sections, with accents of gold leafing within some of its crevices.

Architect | Sameep Padora DESIGNER | Vaishali Shah