Raychem, situated on the ground floor of the RPG House, is a great example of a contemporary office with co-working spaces for more interaction, conceptualising and thinking. Converting the concrete walls to glass and opening up the office completely, the outdoor gardens now play a vital role, making it seem like a conser vatory, an oasis of plant life in midtown Mumbai. Vintage and colonial pieces of furniture have been sourced and restored with refreshing fabrics and colours. Dining tables double up as community work spaces. Meeting rooms are pleasant and quiet, with state of the art technological amenities. Library cupboards, hand woven rugs, low hanging lamps and art spring up in unexpected corners and surprising street lamps adorn the central pillars that run through the building. There is also an indoor swing (like a traditional ‘jhoola’) and a terrace garden leading to the outdoors.

Architect | Shilpa Patankar @studio.kunalbhatia