Inspired by the Hawa Mahal in Jaipur, the terraced pink Ceat House, built in 1974 by architect M Kadri, stands tall as a 45 year old heritage structure in the city of Mumbai. The RPG Corporate Headquarters is a busy office building, home to Ceat, KEC, and several other businesses, with an overall employee count of 600 people. A vital overhaul was required and a more youthful and dynamic entrance lobby was envisioned. The lobby was opened up to integrate a large 160ft interactive digital wall and the central pillar, for which architect Sameep Padora created a twisted gold metal configuration. Inlaid marble, brass and wooden ‘carpets’ were individually designed and executed by artisans in Jaipur, as flooring in sections with contemporar y seating. An optical illusion of a black and white marble ‘carpet’ awaits you right outside the main elevators in the building lobby. Niches have been carved into the wall and casual meeting spaces for individuals and groups have been integrated with sculpture and art. All the varied elements blend seamlessly into one another, resulting in a grand heritage structure with a contemporary twist.

Architect | Shilpa Patankar CENTRAL PILLAR DESIGN | Sameep Padora @studio.kunalbhatia