Nestled in the quiet village of Revora in Goa lies a charming original Portuguese bungalow, recently inherited by Savio, a well respected marathon runner and coach. Restoration work, beginning with redoing the terracotta tiles of the magnificent high roof, to modifying the old plan- adding 2 bathrooms, and refreshing the family’s vintage Portuguese furniture and curious artefacts bit by bit until the home became a loving memory to his mother and a welcome retreat for Savio and his family. Just as precious was the generosity and contribution of many runners with donations of furniture, fabric, chandeliers, lamps, artworks, linen and carpets. Gifts of paint cans arrived along with painters, carpenters appeared under the super vision of furniture designers, stylists customized linen and more. The home has become a testament to his goodwill.

Architect | Shilpa Patankar FURNITURE RESTORATION AND DESIGN | Mihir Fyzee STYLIST | Vaishali Shah